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Lathe LUX-CQ6236D

Lathe LUX-CQ6236D [Product code: LUX-CQ6236D]

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Lathe machine tools LUX-CQ6236D

1.  No change gear in tool box
2. The thread category completes not only cutting metric thread and imperial thread, but also cutting diametric thread and module thread.
3. Head stock gears are made of high quality steel ground and hardened.
4. Two different length beds are available :750mm or 1000mmm
5. Minimum cross feed 0.01mm/rev, minimum longitudinal feed 0.046mm/rev
6. With or without foot stand for optional
7. Right angle appearance or circular appearance for optional.

Lathe LUX-CQ6236D [Product code: LUX-CQ6236D]

0 Còn hàng Order